Winthrop Town Hall
1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
ph: 617.846.1852
WNV&EEE - Health & Safety Measures
Till date, there have been fifteen cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) and five cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) in Massachusetts. The State Department of Public Health has placed Winthrop as a ‘high risk’ community, and has advised outdoor activities be rescheduled or cancelled till the first frost. Arrangements are being made with Northeast Mosquito Control Agency for preemptive spraying around the Winthrop High School Fields to reduce the mosquito burden in this area. Additional safety precautions are needed and include:
  • Avoid mosquito bites – ensure movement while outdoors
  • Apply insect repellant
  • Wear long sleeves, long pants and socks to protect skin from bites
  • Be aware of peak mosquito hours – hours between dusk and dawn
  • Drain stagnant water around the schools and homes
  • Install or repair screens in the schools and homes
More information, including all WNV and EEE positive results from 2012, can be found on the Arbovirus Surveillance Information web page at