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Economic Development survey for the Town of Winthrop
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Last Updated: 2014/6/23
Last Thursday, there was a community forum on preparing a Strategic Plan for Economic Development for the Town of Winthrop.  Thanks to community participation, additional ideas are being considered in drafting the plan document. 
There is an additional way for others to provide input into the plan.  There is an online survey that asks participants to indicate whether they agree or disagree with the vision, goals, and actions currently drafted.  There is also space at the end of each goal section for you to type in any comments you may have.  This is just another way that we can get community feedback on the ideas that have been developed so far.
The link to the survey is pasted below.  It is easiest to either click on the link or copy it out of the email and paste it directly into your browser.  The survey should then pop up.
Please feel free to forward the survey link to anyone you may believe would be interested in the topic.
The complete Economic Trends Report, which was the subject of the slides last week is attached.