Winthrop Town Hall
1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
ph: 617.846.1852
Harbormaster Department
Contact TypeContact Information
Command Staff:
, Harbormaster
, Assistant Harbormaster
, Assistant Harbormaster
, Ferry Service Manager
The Town Landing, 707 Shirley Street 
Winthrop ,MA 02152 
(617) 207-9092
Emergency (Off Season)
(617) 207-9092 or call 911 and ask for Winthrop Fire
VHF Channels:
VHF Ch. 16
Pumpout Boat:
Service Suspended for the Winter and will resume May 1st
Winter Mooring Regulations:
The "Winter Season" begins Nov. 1st - May 1st. Those who wIll keep boats on a mooring during this time must provide the Harbormaster with: Name, Address and Phone Number, Current Insurance, Description of boat, Boat must be registered or documented and be up to date with town stickers, Mooring and tackle must be maintained with chaffing gear and BOAT MUST BE CHECKED AT LEAST ONCE PER MONTH
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Deputy Harbormasters/ Department Roster
Winthrop Ferry Service
for questions about ferry service, contact:
Mission Statement
Supervised by the Harbormaster, reporting to the Town Manager, the mission of the Harbormaster Department is to provide for Public Safety on the waters of the Town of Winthrop; to designate and manage the town's mooring areas; to provide assistance to local and visiting boaters in the use of the town's waterways; to enforce the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boating Regulations and The Town of Winthrop Waterways Rules and Regulations; to work in conjunction with the Winthrop Police and Fire Departments, Massachusetts State Police, U.S. Coast Guard and FEMA. The Department will respond to all emergencies as determined by the Harbormaster.

The Department manages the Town Pier complex which consists of a terminal building, Pier, Marina and public access launch ramp. This facility is located on the Winthrop Town Landing, the center of maritime commerce for the Town of Winthrop. Operating from the Pier Terminal Building, which provides an administrative center for the day to day business of managing Winthrop Harbor, the Town Pier, Marina and Ferry Service. The Department manages the facility which provides a port landing for The Town of Winthrop, and the operating center Harbormaster patrol boats and Winthrop Fire boat. The facility accomodates commercial fishing, charter boats, and recreational berthing. The facility also provides for visitor landings by private and commercial vessels.