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Welcome to the Children's Room
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the children's room?         
For children through the 8th grade: books, magazines, videos, DVDs, books-on-tape, audiocassettes, book and audio sets, CDs, CD-ROMs and PCs for homework help and internet access.  

For parents and teachers:  books, magazines and videos dealing with child development.

What do I need to take things home from the Children's Room?
You will need a library card. Mom or Dad use their library  cards to borrow things for you when you are little. As soon as you are able to print your first and last names, you can get your own library card. One of your parents or guardian must sign the application as well. Library cards are free, but if you lose your card there is a $1 fee to replace it. This is your special card. Bring it with you when you visit the library.   Don't let anyone else use it. Tell the librarian if you lose your card or move to a new house. When you are in the 9th grade, you  switch your application to the adult library.

How many things can I take home?
The first time you use your card you are limited to taking two things. After that, there are limits on how many videos (3 videos), CD-ROMs (2 CD-ROMs) and non-fiction books on the same subject (2 books) you are able to borrow at one time. Remember to take good care of the things you borrow. Don't let your dog or your baby brother chew on them. Don't let them get wet or sticky. Return them on time so you can borrow more!

Return them!  I have to return them? When?
You must return everything you borrow from the library. All videos and DVDs  must be returned in 2 days. Everything else you borrow must be returned in 2 weeks. You can renew (which means you can keep them for a longer time) most items except videos and CD-ROMs by phone or in person.

Oops! I just found a book under my bed that I was supposed to return to the children's room last week. What should I  do?
There is a fine charged on items returned late. These are overdue. CD-ROMs, videos, and DVDs have a $1 per day fine. Everything else overdue has a .05$ per day fine. Never be afraid to return overdue things to the library. Librarians are always very happy to see library materials returned no matter how long they have been gone.

What else is going on in the Children's Room?
Storytime for children ages 3-5 happens every Friday morning at 10:30 year round. Call or come into the library to register.

Every summer the Children's Room takes part in the state sponsored Summer Reading Program. There is a different theme every year. Registration starts in June.

Visits to the Children's Room that may include a tour, stories, or library use instruction are available for classrooms, day care centers, nursery schools, scouts, or other groups. Group leaders should call to schedule group visits. Call 617-846-0616 for more information.

Tell me more about the computers!
There are two kinds of computers in the Children's Room. One is the on-line catalog computer which lists all the items in all the libraries in the NOBLE system by author, title, subject, or keyword. If the Winthrop Library doesn't have what you need, you can borrow items from other libraries through the interlibrary loan system.

The other kind of computer is used to access databases and type papers for school projects. There is a black and white printer available. Bring your own paper or buy it at the library. There is filtered internet access. Remember even filtered internet exploration can lead to unexpected places. Be aware of internet safety rules. Bring your library card to sign up for one hour uses of these computers.

Winthrop Town Hall 1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: 617.846.1852
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