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Update Regarding the Pleasant Street/Ingleside Park Area Repairs
Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 8AM

I have asked the Director of Public Works to give me an update pertaining to the Pleasant Street/Ingleside Park Area work being done.

David Hickey, Director of Public Works has reported to me the following:

"The DPW is continuing to work on the repair of Pleasant St in the area of Ingleside Park.  While some of the pavement settlement issues are associated with weather and construction limitations associated with the winter season, the primary concern at this time is the repair of a damaged tide gate.  The repair effort required specialized equipment and custom fabrication, both of which are only partially complete.  The DPW is working diligently to complete the infrastructure repairs, after which the permanent pavement solution can be put in place.  We ask residents for their continued patience and to proceed slowly through this area."

Thank you,
Lawrence S. Holmes, Interim Town Manager