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Response to Today's Boston Globe (Globe North) Article regarding Town Salaries
Residents of Winthrop,

After reading the posted article on the Globe North section, written by Kathleen Conti dated today, Thursday, May 14, 2009, I would like to express how very misleading the story is.  It is very misleading to come out and state salaries of certain personnel are making more than $100,000 as base salaries.  

These salaries include details which are a private matter between the police officer(s) and the private organization(s) that hire and paid for that service.  

Furthermore, we have conducted many analysis that speak to the facts that all departments within the Town of Winthrop government are paid much lower than their equals when compared to communities in the surrounding area.  Sometimes as much as 10% below the average.

This a statement to correct the misconception that police are making unusually high salaries.  

It's just not true!

Thank you for your continued support,
Lawrence S. Holmes, Interim Town Manager