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2006.07.19 - Planning Board Minutes
Planning Board

Meeting Minutes
July 19, 2006
Harvey Hearing Room

Chairman Richard Dimes opened the meeting at approximately 7:10pm. In attendance from the Planning Board were Peter Boyle and Peter Roche. Paul Marks from the Capital Planning Committee was also in attendance and one citizen, Paul Leonard was present to listen to the meeting.

There was no new business pending before the Board. Chairman Dimes took this opportunity to welcome the new Planning Board Secretary, Carla Vitale to the meeting. Mr. Dimes also took a moment to thank former Planning Board Secretary Diane Spicer for her time and efforts over the last few years and wished her well in her new endeavors.

Chairman Dimes then began with the old business of review of the most recent and final draft of the proposed Zoning Bylaw – Dalrymple School, officially to be known as Article X.A, Special Development Overlay District.  This document was created by consultant Judi Barrett.  Ms. Barrett was not physically present but was available on the phone to consult with the Board to go over questions and provide insight.

Most of the document was easily accepted by the Board. There was brief discussion relative to Mixed Use in new development and if it is appropriate to force mixed use in certain developments given the slow business climate currently in Town.  It was decided that the stated Mixed Use was appropriate and should stay as written.

There was some discussion relative to how the Overlay Map should look and should it be an Assessor’s Map or the Town’s Zoning Map. Consultant Judi Barrett was called and gave the Board her opinion as to why the Assessor’s Map may be the best way to go.  

Chairman Dimes also discussed with her the appropriate language for the Public Legal Notice, and asked her to send the Board Secretary language she thought correct for publication in the Winthrop Transcript.  

Chairman Dimes discussed with the Board the possibility of holding a public hearing jointly with the Town Council Sub-Finance Committee to expedite the hearing process and allow both groups to come together with citizens all at one time. It was agreed to bring that idea to Councilor Jim Letterie and get confirmation for the hearing to be either August 16th or August 23rd.  Chairman Dimes asked Carla to follow up and email the group the details.

The next order of business was to discuss the recent petition of proposed waterfront zoning change brought forward to the Town Council by resident Robert Massa of Point Shirley.  There was discussion as to the process for proposing zoning change and if something should be created in writing to assist residents in this regard. For this particular case, the Planning Board will wait for the Town Council’s subcommittee to forward the matter to the Board before any further discussion.

At this point Chairman Dimes said the remainder of the meeting would consist mainly of “housekeeping”. With that said the resident thanked the Board and left the meeting.

Member Peter Roche discussed the issue of attendance at Board Meetings both past and present. Other members agreed it was important to attend and to keep in touch with the Board if for any reason a member is not able to attend.

VOTED: On a motion made by Peter Roche, 2nd by Peter Boyle and made unanimous by Chairman Richard Dimes that if a Planning Board member is absent to a meeting more than three times without extenuating circumstances that are communicated to the full Board than said member will be encouraged to resign.  

We then discussed the Planning Board’s website and that new forms should be uploaded to the Planning Board page. Carla said she would handle that as well as posting all future meetings on the Website’s Public Calendar and adding the Planning Board agenda also to those postings. Lastly some reimbursements to former Secretary Diane Spicer were reviewed and paperwork forwarded to the Town Manager for appropriate action.

Chairman Dimes then thanked members for their participation and adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:50pm.

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