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2006.08.16 - Planning Board Minutes
Planning Board

Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2006
Harvey Hearing Room

Chairman Dimes opened the meeting at approximately 7pm. In attendance were the following members of the Planning Board: Chairman Dimes, Peter Roche, Peter Boyle and John Crosby. Member Dave Proctor was absent. Also present was Town Manager Rick White and three citizens.

Chairman Dimes said that although he was in full agreement, he asked Mr. White if he could explain the reasoning behind the creation of the Site Plan Review Committee.

Mr. White explained that upon his arrival here in Winthrop, he was approached by Council President Tom Reilly as well as the Planning Board to assist in the creation of a more careful and predictable process that was agreeable to both the citizens and any potential developers. A process that was transparent with a definite timetable and easy to navigate.  It was with this goal in mind he worked closely with the Planning Board to create the Site Plan Review Committee that allows for all town departments: Fire, Police, DPW, Building Inspectors to all give an opinion and then create a comprehensive memo for the Planning Board to look over, thus allowing the Planning Board to focus on their true mission rather than get tied up with administrative fact finding. Lastly Mr. White stated that the Ordinance had gone before Town Council and they had referred it to their sub-committee on Rules & Ordinances with a public hearing to be scheduled for September 5, 2006.

Chairman Dimes asked whether the Planning Board needs to have their own public hearing? Mr. White answered that it was not necessary.

Peter Roche asked if the Board will be able to use MGL 44 §51 regarding consultants on a project by project basis? Mr. White said Yes, and that this would allow the Town to hopefully in the future create a relationship or relationships with consultants that would be able to give much needed guidance on projects with the cost of said consultants being paid by developers.

Peter Boyle commented that he is happy with the new process and looks forward to progress the Planning Board will be able to make going forward.

There was some brief discussion relative to Councilor Ferrino’s proposal regarding the creation of a Design Review Committee.  Chairman Dimes stated he had some reservations. Mr. White suggested that Chairman Dimes touch base with Councilor Ferrino to discuss ideas further.

Chairman Dimes then thanked Rick White on behalf of the Planning Board for all the time and effort that he has put in over the last months to benefit the Planning Board.

Next Chairman Dimes opened the floor to the residents. There was some brief discussion relative to the size of the Atlantis Marina project. Mr. Dimes acknowledged the frustration but reminded the citizens that these issues were voted and passed by Town Meeting.

Arthur Marcella asked about recent Massa Amendment being circulated around Town. Chairman Dimes explained that he had heard about it but to get details Mr. Marcella should contact Mr. Massa directly.

After public comment Chairman Dimes then asked that Carla pay the invoice to the American Planning Association and file newly received budget.  

The Board reviewed the Minutes from the July 19th hearing.

VOTED: on a Motion by Peter Roche, 2nd by Peter Boyle and made unanimous by Chairman Dimes to accept the Minutes for the July 19th, 2006 Planning Board Meeting.

Lastly the format for the Public Hearing to be held August 23, 2006 was discussed. Chairman Dimes said that he will ask consultant Judi Barrett to discuss the Special Development Overlay District Amendment to the Public and then take questions.

Chairman Dimes adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:15pm.

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