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2006.11.15 - Planning Board Minutes
Planning Board
November 15, 2006
Harvey Hearing Room

Chairman Dimes opened the meeting at approximately 7pm.  There were approximately ten residents in attendance. He then read the Planning Board’s Report that will be voted on at this meeting and then forwarded to the Town Council. A copy of said report is attached to these minutes.

Planning Board Member Dave Proctor made motion to accept petition as stated.  Member Peter Boyle seconded the motion.  Chairman Dimes opened the motion for discussion

Member Peter Roche indicated that there has been no testimony that would support the petitioner’s contention that a reduction in height would result in the development of the site in a manner more consistent with the community’s broad objectives for the parcel.  Mr. Roche suggested that there is no application currently pending before the Board and therefore no compelling need to amend the zoning at this time.  Rather, he recommended that the motion be rejected and a portion of the Town’s Smart Growth Technical Assistance Grant be used to further investigate the specific characteristics of the site and the neighbor’s goals with respect to any proposed redevelopment.  At that time the Planning Board could take any action necessary to guide the proposed redevelopment of the site.

Member Peter Boyle indicated that he believes that 55ft is too high in relation to the community context.  He feels 45 feet is more consistent with community character.

Dave Proctor would like to see the developer go through Chapter 91 and make a great development on that land but believes that 45 feet is an adequate height to enable redevelopment of the site.

Planning Board Member John Crosby indicated that he was uncertain that a change in the zoning was required and that he would like to see the developer’s plans before a vote is taken.

Chairman Dimes reminded the members that state statute requires the Planning Board to make a report and vote that report to Town Council. He went on to say the original waterfront bylaw recommended 40 feet to Town Meeting.  Chairman Dimes also indicated that he believes regardless of the outcome of this vote, the Planning Board is well positioned with grant funding to review and research our Waterfront Zoning.  

Peter Boyle questioned if Board Members need more time it may be a mistake to vote.  Chairman Dimes reminded Mr. Boyle that a recommendation is due to the Town Council and that the motion should be voted on this evening.

As required by state statute, Chairman Dimes asked the clerk to conduct a Roll Call vote.

The Clerk stated:

On a petition to change waterfront district zoning code present to the Winthrop Town Council by Mr. Robert Massa and nine other qualified voters from the Town of Winthrop.

The subject of the petition was to amend Chapter 145 of the Winthrop Zoning Code as follows: Amend Page 145, A1 Table of Dimensional Regulations, Waterfront District, to Amend front yard set-back requirements from “ Five foot average along frontage”   to “Five foot minimum along frontage” In addition, revise maximum height limits from a maximum height of 55 feet to 45 feet, as defined within Chapter 145.

Roll Call

Dave Proctor    Yes
John Crosby             No
Peter Boyle             Yes
Peter Roche             No
Chairman Dimes  Yes

Based upon the majority vote of the Planning Board, Chairman Dimes was directed to forward the report of the Planning Board  to Amend Article as stated above.

Chairman Dimes then opened up the meeting for general discussion. There was a brief discussion of updating fees. It was the general consensus to take this under advisement for another time.

Some discussion about the RFP for the Planning Board Consultant was had, mainly discussing how the grant will be administered and will the Planning Board have full input in the RFP.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9pm.

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