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Site Plan Review Application Checklist
 Applicants must submit the following:

1.    Ten (10) copies of the completed application

2.    Five (5) copies of the site plan showing all requested information

3.    Five (5) copies of an 11" x 17" reduction of the site plan

4.   Two (2) copies of elevations and floor plans of any proposed structures

5.   One (1) copy of an 11" x 17" reduction of elevations and floor plans

6.   Five (5) copies of all supportive materials

7.   Unless waived by the Planning Board, ALL plans must be prepared by a MA. Registered Professional Engineer and/or Reg. Landscape Architect and Reg. Land Surveyor for property line determinations.

8.  The Plan must contain at least the following information:

9.  Title information and Project name and address

10. Developer and/or designer's name

11. Date of plan and all revisions

12. Scale, North arrow, and other reference points

14. Locus plan at 1,000' scale showing property in relation to the Town, including zoning districts

15. Locus map at one inch equals four hundred feet (1" = 400')

16. Names of abutters and relation of site to abutting properties

17. Existing and proposed topography at two (2) foot intervals

18. Existing and proposed roadways, driveways, loading and parking areas, walkways and sidewalks

19. Existing and proposed curbing type, location and details

20. Existing and proposed easements and right of ways

21. Existing and proposed street and site lighting and details

22. Existing and proposed drainage measures and drainage computations, stamped and signed by a P.E.

23. Provisions for water and electric services and sewage disposal, including location of connections to street service where applicable

24. Setbacks, buffer areas, areas not to be disturbed by construction, and no cut/no build areas

25. Method and location of refuse storage and disposal

26. Location of fire hydrants and/or fire alarm boxes, as required

27. Location of all structures on site, including outside dimensions of ground floor of buildings

28. Location, type, size and age of any underground storage tanks

29. In addition, the site plan should show the following landscaping details, preferably on a separate sheet:

30. Location and spacing of existing and proposed plant material

31. Numbers, sizes and types of plant materials

32. Notation of plants to be removed

33. Proposed treatment of all ground surfaces (paving, gravel, grading, turf, etc.)

34. For new construction, a description of erosion and sedimentation control measures, including location and specifications of temporary and permanent measures and a schedule of operations indicating the starting and completion dates for each phase of construction shall accompany the plan.

Winthrop Town Hall 1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: 617.846.1852
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