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School Building Assistance Committee Minutes
Note: All agendas, minutes, and notices provided on this web site are for informational purposes only. Official copies and any attachments referenced are available at the Town Hall.
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Web Page
Size June 7th Minutes.pdf
108K minutes may 31, 2012.pdf
421K 21minutes.pdf
102K meetings calendar
17K Minutes November 12, 2012.pdf
203K dates.pdf
17K minutes nov 15 2012[1].pdf
103K 18 Minutes .pdf
113K 4 2012 SBAC joint meeting minutes[1].pdf
114K 3, 2013 minutes.pdf
314K minutes January 17 2013[1].pdf
99K minutes December 6 2012 Minutes.pdf
24K agenda March 21, 2013.pdf
55K minutes February 7, 2013.pdf
22K agenda April 4, 2013[1].pdf
55K, Board Action Letter, Winthrop.pdf
55K, Board Memo, Winthrop.pdf
67K of Green Charette 032113.pdf
107K Study 4 3 13.pdf
701K is LEED.pdf
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