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Town Council Minutes 9 4 07
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Under the Rules and Procedures of the Winthrop Town Council, President Reilly called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM in the Joseph Harvey Hearing Room. All members were present.

No public comment was made.

Mary Kelley, Norman Hyett and Stephen Machcinski representing the Conservation Commission were in attendance and discussed with the Town Council the role of the Commission, its commitment to serving the public as well as its role in administering state and local wetland laws

President Reilly reported the receipt of Susan Duplin resignation as Town Council Clerk and expressed his thanks and appreciation for Susan Duplin’s work as Town Council Clerk.
Councilor reported that the Committee on Memorials is scheduled to meet on Tuesday September 11, 2006.  

Councilor Ferrino reported the Finance Committee met and will be recommending approval of a proposed $1,700,000 bonding authorization
Vice President Boncore reported that the Rules and ordinance committee had met and will be recommending approval of three changes to the traffic ordinances as recommended by the Town Manager and the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee. He further reported that the Committee will meet prior to  the September 18, 2007 Council meeting to discuss a proposal by the Town Manager and the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee to make Tileston Road a one way. In addition Vice President Boncore reported that he was attempting to coordinate a meeting between the Rules and Ordinance Committee on Monday September 10, 2007 in order to discuss a ballot question regarding the issuance of liquor licenses for restaurants with an expectation that the Rules and Ordinance Committee will report to the full Town Council its finding and recommendation at the Town Council meeting scheduled for September 18, 2007

Town Manager, Richard White reported that he was having the Traffic Safety Committee and Public Works staff examine the effectiveness of street sweeping program. White continued that enforcement might be required next year as well as a change in starting time.
White reported that the Dalrymple School purchase and sale would be available to the Council within a week and that a vote to authorize a sale would be forthcoming at the Town Council meeting on September 18, 2007.
MOTION by Councilor Sanford
2ND by Councilor Gill
VOTED: To appoint Mary Kelley, Norman Hyett and J. Calvin Farrand to three-year terms as full members of the Conservation Commission and John Crosby to a full three-year term as an alternate member of the Conservation Commission which was previously postponed to this meeting.

Councilor DelVento reported that he was interested in having the Council consider a recognizing all Winthrop citizens who have or are served in the armed services in Iraq. In addition, Councilor DelVento suggested that the Council consider creating a multi faceted committee to study the impact on gambling considering there have been proposals to locate casinos in Revere and Boston. Councilor Gill expressed his concerns about the growth at Logan Airport and its impact on the Town of Winthrop as well as the need to explore energy savings opportunities which would include but not be limited to wind and solar power.

VOTED: Meeting adjourned at 7:58 P.M.
Richard J White
Council Clerk