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Appeal to a Parking Violation Notice
The following DO NOT constitute valid reasons for dismissing a ticket:

- You did not see the NO PARKING sign.
- You did not know that parking was restricted in that area where the violation occurred.
- You were only there for a short time.
- You have never been ticketed for this violation before.
- Obstructing traffic or parking on a crosswalk or sidewalk is a violation even if it is only partial.
- There were no other places to park.
- You think that the fine is too high.

Winthrop Appeal Procedures

1.  In accordance with Massachusetts General laws, all parking violations must be paid within 21 days of issue.  Any appeal after 21 days from the date the violation was issued are held solely at the discretion of the hearing officer and may not be granted.  All appeals must be in writing.  In-Person Hearings will only be granted if your written appeal has been denied.

2. If you are appealing the parking ticket(s) listed on the notice you received follow these procedures:

        a. You may fill out the online form below instead of mailing in an appeal.  If you need to send in additional supporting documents (maps, drawings, photos, etc) you may send them in a separate email to and reference the ticket number you have appealed.

        b. To appeal by mail, make a copy of the notice, mail with your written appeal to:

Parking Hearing Officer
Town of Winthrop
One Metcalf Square
Winthrop, MA 02152

        Your written appeal should state your case clearly and concisely as to why you believe that you should not be held accountable to pay the parking ticket(s) in dispute.  Include any maps, drawings or photographs to support your case.

3.  You will not be charged any late fees during the appeal process.  If you are submitting the appeal within 5 days of the 21 day deadline, late fees may still accrue.  The hearing officer will remove any late fees that are incorrectly applied when a decision is made.  Tickets not appealed within the 21 day time period will not have the late fees removed.

4.  If your appeal is approved you will be notified in writing.  No payment will be required.

5.  If your appeal is denied you will be notified in writing.  Payment is required by the due date specified on the letter.

DO NOT file multiple appeals for the same ticket.  This will only delay the overall appeal process.

Under state law, "Payment of the fine established shall operate as a final disposition of the case."  If a ticket is paid prior to the completion of the appeals process, it will not be dismissed.

Due to an increase in the number of appeals, there will be a longer wait for appeal decisions. All tickets are placed on "hold" status while the appeal is pending. Once a decision is made, you will be notified by mail to the address provided on the appeal.

Choose from the following:
CheckboxesCheckbox DescriptionCheckboxesCheckbox Description
Please provide the following information:
Field DescriptionField DataRequired Field
Field DescriptionField Data
Failure to include all information requested may result in a delay in processing or denial of your appeal. All Appeals MUST include your name, complete mailing address, vehicle registration information (including state), ticket number, date of violation, and violation code(s) as marked on the ticket. You must also include a reason for your appeal. Check your appeal to make sure the information is filled in correctly before clicking "Send"

Submitting duplicate appeals for the same ticket may delay your appeal decision.
Winthrop Town Hall 1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: 617.846.1852
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