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Private Ways
within the Town of Winthrop
Private Way
Description of Location
Adams Street
off The Strand
Albert Avenue
off Court Road
Anderson Avenue
a/k/a Foam Street
Atkinson Circle
off Highland Avenue
Bayou Street
Revere Street to Argyle Street
Belle Isle Terrace
Willis Avenue to Pleasant Street
Bellevue Terrace
off Johnson Avenue
Brewster Avenue
off The Strand
Circle Street
off River Road
Circuit Path
Footway - Circuit Road to Sargent Street
Corinha Beach
off Sunnyside Avenue
Court Road Footway
off of Court Road to Boston Harbor
Deepwater Street
Triton Avenue to Grandview Avenue
Edgar Terrace
off Winthrop Street
Egleton Park
Bartlett Road to Cottage Park Road
Eleanor Court
off Bellevue Avenue
Elmer Avenue
off Court Road
Elmwood Court
off Washington Avenue
Foam Street
Triton Avenue to Grandview Avenue; a/k/a Anderson Avenue
Green Hill Path
Stairway; Terrace Avenue to Cottage Avenue
Holly Path
Hawthorn Avenue to Myrtle Avenue
Jerald Street
Read Street to Beal Street
Johnson Terrace
off Johnson Avenue
Laurel Path
off Locust Street
Lincoln Terrace
off Lincoln Street
Lorean Terrace
off Johnson Avenue
Loring Footway
Lowell Road intersection to Boston Harbor
Loring Terrace
Loring Road to Court Road
Mugford Street
Tafts Avenue to The Strand
Nerious Street
Brewster Avenue to Boston Harbor
North Avenue
off Winthrop Street
Otis Street
from Tafts Avenue to Waterfront
Petrel Street
Shirley Street to Boston Harbor
Pontos Street
Shirley Street to Boston Harbor
Pratt Street
Tafts Avenue to The Strand
Putnam Place
as of 5/5/1988
Sargent Terrace
off Johnson Avenue
Seal Harbor Road
off Pond Street
Sheryl Lane
off Bartlett Road
Shirley Park
off Shirley Street (Highland Section)
Shirley Street Ext.
Triton Avenue to Boston Harbor
Somerset Terrace
off Somerset Avenue
Somerset Avenue Footway
Somerset Avenue to Pauline Street
South Avenue
off Winthrop Street
Strand (The)
Brewster Avenue to Deer Island
Summit Avenue Footway
Locust Street to Summit Avenue
Tafts Avenue to Brewster Avenue
Vine Avenue
Winthrop Street to Pleasant Street
Walden Place
off Walden Street
Washington Terrace
off Washington Street
Williams Street
Pleasant Street to Adams Street
Willow Terrace
off Willow Avenue
Woodside Park
Dix Street to Woodside Avenue
Wyman Street
Tafts Avenue to The Strand
Winthrop Town Hall 1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: 617.846.1852
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