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Winter Parking Information
The following information applies to all streets and municipal lots within the Town of Winthrop with the exception of Winthrop Shore Drive.  For snow related information on this and other DCR parkways, please visit the DCR website at

Effective each year from December 15th to April 1st, the winter parking regulations will be in effect in the town.

Upon announcement by the United States Weather Bureau or forecast in the public newspaper or
on radio or television of an expected or impending snowstorm, all automobiles and motor vehicles must
be removed from the town streets upon penalty of being tagged and fined $40.00 for violation of town parking
regulations and/or being towed away at the expense of the owner, operator or responsible person, with
the exception of the streets listed at the bottom of this page.

Motor vehicles must be removed from these excepted streets immediately upon cessation of snow
during daylight hours or, in the case of storm events occurring during the nighttime hours, by eight a.m.
in order not to impede snow removal operations. Violators will be subject to the same penalty as above.

Persons responsible for parking automobiles must keep informed at all times of snowstorm forecasts in
order that vehicles may be properly removed from town streets.

Town bylaw prohibits anyone from obstructing the public street or sidewalk without a permit from the
town council. Therefore, any chairs, barrels, traffic cones or other objects placed in the public way to
"reserve" parking spaces will be removed and disposed of immediately.

All towed vehicles are tagged and ticketed for violating town parking regulations. If your vehicle is
towed and the ticket is lost during this process, you should contact the parking clerk to determine
additional fines owed.

Municipal Parking Lots

When a snow ban is effective, municipal parking lots can be used by residents and visitors of Winthrop.  Vehicles must be removed from those lots before 7AM after that snow event so Public Works may clean the lot, sand and/or remove snow.  Illegally parked vehicles will be subject to a fine and/or towed.

Municipal Lots
Municipal Lot
Winthrop Public Landing
Shirley Street (Driving towards the Point Area)
Delby's Corner
Shirley Street & Washington
Pond Street Park
Access off of Highland
Fort Heath Park
Pond Street
Crest Ave
Crest Ave
Larsen Rink
Pauline Street
Parameter around HS/Little League Fields
Cross, Frankline & Payson
Parameter around HS Tennis Courts
Cross, Frankline & Payson
George Street
George Street
Town Hall
Hemon Street
Old Town Garage
Behind Methodist Church from Winthrop Street
Ingleside Park Basketball Courts Lot
Walden Street
Hagman Road Ext
Center area near Cafe DeLite coffee shop
Hagman Road Lot
Center area near Citizens Bank/Putnam Street
Banks Street
End of Winthrop St/Banks St
On-Street Parking Allowed
Street Name
Area Allowed
Bowdoin Street
Odd numbered side from Buchanan St. to Bates Ave
Brookfield Road
Even numbered side of street
Morton Street
Marsh side of street
River Road
Even numbered side of street
Seaview Ave
Even numbered side of street
Siren Street
Odd numbered side of street
Veterans Road
Golf Club side
Waldemar Avenue
Odd Numbered side of the street
Walden Street
Fence side from Main St. to Lincoln St. and Ingleside Park side from Lincoln St. to Pauline St.
Winthrop Street
Odd numbered side from Magee's Corner to Banks Street
Winthrop Town Hall 1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152
Phone: 617.846.1852
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