Assessing Department

The Assessing Department of the Town of Winthrop is responsible for determining the value of all real and personal property located within the Town for the purpose of taxation. In addition, the department administers the motor vehicle and boat excise taxes.  Click here to view the duties of the Assessors

The Board of Assessors of each city or town must value all real and personal property at its full and fair cash value as of January 1.(Ch. 59, Sec. 38 MGL). This fair cash value will be the assessed valuation of such property. All property will be classified within one of five classifications:

  • Class One – Residential
  • Class Two – Open Space
  • Class Three – Commercial
  • Class Four – Industrial
  • Class Five – Personal Property

Click Here for detailed Class Code information

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Carol Douglas Principal Clerk
Kathleen Cerulli-Hickey Assistant Assessor
Diane Macken Assessor

Board Members

Name Title
Allen E. Marruzzi Chair
Peter Gill Member