Abutters List

Procedure for Obtaining an Abutters List

Town of Winthrop
Board of Assessors
One Metcalf Square
Town Hall - Room 1
Winthrop, Massachusetts 02152

Allen E. Maruzzi , Chairman
Paolo Franzese
Diane Macken
Stephen J. Roche, Deputy Assessor

Telephone: 617/846-2716
Facsimile: 617/846-4780


MGL Chapter 40a-11
People appear at our counter asking for an abutters list. These people are sent to us from many different authorities including:

  • The Town Managers Office
  • Planning Board
  • Board of Appeals
  • Licensing
  • Conservation Commission
  • Building Department

The Assessors Office has developed a form for the person requesting the abutters list to fill out and a Schedule of Fees charged for this service (see below).  Many times the person requesting the abutters list does not know what kind of list they need. The Assessors Office is not in the position to advise them as to what they should request.

We would like to inform all authorities sending applicants for a certified abutters list that our form for abutterss list exists and that they should be informing the persons requesting the abutters lists as to what list option they should request and/or advise them to seek legal advise on the matter.

Abutters Certificate Form