Temporary Dumpsters

When coming to our office to obtain a temporary Dumpster permit, please have the following information ready:

  • Name and telephone number of property owner
  • Size of Dumpster
  • Purpose of Dumpster
  • Hauler (must be registered with the Town - see registered haulers)
  • Length of time Dumpster needed (up to 8 weeks)

Please bring cash or check in the amount of $60 (see permit fees).  We do not accept credit or debit cards.

Please note: Dumpster must be covered at all times when not in use.

Permission to put a Dumpster in the street is obtained from the DPW for an additional fee.  You can reach them at 617-846-1341.
The above information is provided for your convenience and does not encompass all of the rules and regulations related to temporary Dumpster permits (see Town Bylaws).  For additional information, please call us at 617-846-1740.