Additions or Decks
Requirements to obtain a Permit for Additions or Decks; 1 pg

Condo Requirments
Condo Requirements

Elevation Certificate
How to Obtain an Elevation Certificate; weblink

General Inspection Procedures
1 pg

New Construction - 1 & 2 Family
Requirements to obtain a Permit for New Construction 1 & 2 Family); 1 pg

Permit Submittal to Inspectional Service Department
Requirements for Permit Submittal to ISD; 1 pg

Roofing, Siding, Interior Rehabilitation Permits
Requirements to obtain a Permit for Roofing, Siding, Interior Rehabilitation; 1 pg

Table of Dimensional Regulations
Minimum requirements in feet, unless otherwise indicated; Amended 4/23/09 ATM by Art. 21; 4/22/1991 ATM by Art. 29; 5/4/1992 ATM by Art. 31; 5/25/2000 ATM by Art. 26; 2 pgs