Rules & Regulations

The Clerk shall keep all books necessary for recording conveyances and transfers of exclusive burial rights in lots and transfers by will or by operation of the law; shall keep a record of any instruments of donation for the use of the cemetery; or for any other use connected with the cemetery; and shall keep a register of interments; also shall keep such records as may be found necessary of convenient by the commissioners from time to time.


  • Upon reaching the cemetery, all funerals shall be under the charge of the superintendent or his assistant.
  • Drivers must remain by their vehicles and no loud talking shall be permitted.
  • Funeral Directors are required to have all ors signed by the proprietor or legal representative of the lot or grave and accompanied by the necessary Board of Health permit.No interment shall be made until fees have been paid.
  • No interment will be permitted to be made other than at a right angle to the avenue or path on which the lot or grave is located, except by special vote of the cemetery commissioners.
  • Orders for interments shall be presented at the cemetery office at least twenty four hours before the time scheduled, and the cemetery shall not be held responsible for orders and locations received by telephone.
  • Not more than two adults, or one adult and two children und five years of age will be allowed to be interred in an adult grave. Cremation interments are limited to six in the cremation section of the cemetery.
  • Every earth interment shall be made enclosed in a concrete box or in an outer wall of stone, steel, brick or concrete.
  • Orders for Monday funerals must be in the cemetery office before the close of business on Friday.
  • Funeral will not be permitted on the following legal holidays: New Year's Day, (President's Day), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.
  • Funerals will be permitted on the following legal holidays at the holiday rate: Patriot's Day,
  • Columbus Day, or Veteran's Day.
  • If any of these holidays fall on a Sunday, the following day will be observed.
  • Funerals will be permitted on Good Friday afternoon and the afternoon of the regular work day before Christmas at the holiday rate.

Receiving Tomb
A charge will be made for the use of the Receiving Tomb if the remains are to be removed to another cemetery for burial. No remains shall be allowed to stay in the Tomb between May 1 and November 1, except by special vote of the Cemetery Commissioners. All charges must be paid in advance.
The Town Manager reserves the right to order the removal of a body from the Receiving Tomb at any time.

Single Grave and Cremation Graves
Ownership in single graves and cremation graves is not transferable. Whenever a single grave or cremation grave shall become vacant by the removal of a body or bodies or remains therefrom, the land shall revert to the inhabitants of the town of Winthrop, but in a case the owner thereof becomes the purchaser of a lot in the cemetery, the original price of the grave or graves so vacated will be allowed in part payment. Hereafter all deeds for a single grave will specify the width of the grave and no opening for an interment will be made exceeding this width.

Burial Lots

  • The deed for a lot or lots will specify its area in square feet and the inhabitants of the Town of Winthrop shall not be held liable for any statement expressed or implied as to the number of graves said lot may contain.
  • No burial rights in an lot shall be hereafter sold to any person unless and until such purchaser shall deposit with the Town Treasurer, as hereinafter provided, a sum set by the Town Manager for each grave in which rights are to be sold as aforesaid for Perpetual Care of said grave as the case may be.

Monuments and Foundations

  • Only one monument will be allowed on a single grave, burial lot or a cremation grave. Monuments are not allowed on lots where there are headstones, unless the headstone is removed.  
  • Monument limits will be found in the foundation order form.   No upright markers will be allowed on cremation graves.  Only flush markers are allowed.
  • Prices for foundations will be given by the Superintendent on receipt of the size of the base and must be paid for in advance.
  • Curbing, fences, corner posts above grade, urns, platforms, steps, buttresses, settees, concrete or stone vases are not allowed.
  • If any monument or effigy, or any structure whatever or any inscription, be placed in or upon any grave or lot which shall be determined by the Board of Cemetery Commissioners to be improper or an offensive object, the Board shall have the right, and it shall be its duty, to enter upon such a lot or grave and remove the said improper or offensive object at the expense of the owner. All memorials or stones must be set so that the front face shall be parallel with the path or avenue on which the lot or grave is deeded. Grave markers must be set flush with grade and must not exceed two feet in length by one foot in width by six inches in thickness, and must be smooth on all edges and the bottom.
  • Upright markers are permitted only on lots where there are similar stones. All monuments must be set on a concrete foundation to be constructed by the cemetery. All orders must be in writing and must have a dimension sketch on the back of the order. No foundation will be constructed and no grave markers will be set between November and April or until the ground is in proper condition for such work.
  • Designs and locations for all monuments, markers, headstones or other structures must be submitted to the superintendent for approval by the commissioners and nothing shall be erected on any lot or grave until such approval is obtained. All bases for monuments must be a granite. Orders for foundations for Memorial Day will not be accepted after May 1. Foundation orders for Fall installation must be ordered by October 1. Orders for foundations after October we will not be accepted. When ever a memorial is to be removed, cleaned or an inscription placed upon it, the proper order must be filled out and signed by the owner of the lot.
  • Workmen employed in the construction or installation of vaults and the erection of monuments and the cutting of inscriptions or the cleaning of monuments shall be under the control and direction of the superintendent.

Decoration of Lots and Graves

  • Lot and grave owners shall have the right, where a monument has been erected, to remove the sod in front of the monument for the purpose of planting annual  flowers in this space only. This area is not to exceed 12" out from front of the monument base or to exceed the width of the base.
  • On a lot and grave where there is no monument,  there shall be no planting or disturbing the sod whatsoever. No new planting of any tree or shrub will be allowed in all sections of  the cemetery whatsoever.
  • If any tree or shrub situated on any existing  lot of land shall, by means of its roots or branches or otherwise, become detrimental to said lot or any adjacent lot or become dangerous or inconvenient, it shall be the duty of the Superintendent and he shall have the right to enter upoon said lot or grave and remove said tree or shrub or any part that he may determine dangerous or inconvenient.
  • Baskets or other containers, not of permanent nature, should be removed by the owners by March 1.  This will enable the Cemetery Division to begin their annual Spring clean-up in preparation of Memorial Day exercises.   If they are not removed, they will be removed by the Cemetery Crew. The Cemetery does not allow any glass, porcelain, or any other object that may break, shatter and cause injury while Cemetery personnel are conducting regular maintenance tasks. The cemetery is not responsible for any flower, basket, vase or any other decoration placed on lots or graves by the owner. No person shall gather any flowers, remove, cut or damage any tree or shrub, or mark or deface any monument under penalty of the law.

Removals will not be made without a signed order from the owner. Removals will be made at the discretion of the Superintendent as to time. The Cemetery shall exercise the utmost care in making a removal, but it shall assume no responsibility for damage to the casket or burial case or urn in making the removal.

Perpetual Care
Hereafter all lots and graves are sold including the price of Perpetual Care, the income from which is to be used forever to fill, level, top dress, cut and take care of the grass on said lot or grave, and to purchase any equipment, machine or vehicle necessary for the upkeep of the cemetery grounds.

The office of the Winthrop Cemetery shall be open from 7:00 AM to to 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday  inclusive, closed all day Fridays,  Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

Dogs are not allowed in the cemetery. Children are not allowed in the cemetery except when accompanied by their parents or some adult having them in charge. No lot or grave in the Winthrop Cemetery shall be sold to any person other than a legal resident of the Town of Winthrop. No rights to a burial shall be sold to non-residents of the Town of Winthrop.

There shall be an additional charge for any non-resident buried in any lot or grave purchased by a resident. The schedule for this fee is posted in the Cemetery Office and may be changed at any time by the Town Manager.. For the purpose of cemetery business outlined in the preceding three paragraphs, a legal resident of the Town of Winthrop shall be an adult person and his or her minor children who has lived in the town for a period of not less than six (6) months.

Such residency shall be determined from the "Registrar's list of Residents twenty years of age and over. "If a person is not listed in the aforementioned list, and if he or she is not a minor issue of people so listed, that person must prove residency to the Board of Cemetery Commissioners, and include with said proof a notarized letter attesting to the veracity of the proof.All fees for interments, removals, foundations, etc.are on file and posted in the Cemetery Office. All work done on lots and graves by order of the proprietors shall be under the supervision of the Superintendent.

The Town Manager shall have the power to make from time to time such rules and regulations for the management of Winthrop Cemetery as it may deem best; but no rules and regulations shall be made to conflict with any By-Laws of the Town or of the Commonwealth. They shall also have the power to fix the price of lots and graves, interments, removals, foundations, or any other fee that may come within their jurisdiction.

No grave shall be opened for interment or removal by any person not in the employ of Winthrop Cemetery. The Town Manager shall  reserve, and shall have, the right to correct any errors that may be made by it either in making interments, removals, or in the description, transfer or conveyance of any interment property, either by canceling such conveyance and substituting and conveying in lieu thereof other interment property, of equal value and similar locations far as possible, or as may be selected by the Commissioners, or in the sole discretion of the Commissioners, by refunding the amount of money paid on account of said purchase. In the event such error shall involve the interment of the remains of any person in such property, the Commissioners reserve and shall have the right to remove and /or transfer such remains so interred to such other property of equal value and similar location as may be substituted and conveyed thereof.

The Town Manager shall take reasonable precaution to protect lot and grave owner and their property rights within the Cemetery from loss or damage; but it distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond reasonable control, and especially from damage caused by the elements, thieves, vandals, malicious makers and unavoidable accidents.
All persons are reminded that the grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead, and that a strict observance of all that is proper in such a place will be required of them. All rules and regulations now in existence relating to the matters herein above referred to are repealed. The Town Manager reserves the right to amend the above Rules and Regulations at their discretion. If you are in doubt about any of the preceding rules and regulations, please call the Cemetery Office before proceeding.