Winter Information for Residents


Winthrop is a coastal community in New England.  This means that we are susceptible to winter storms, cold weather and, of course, snow.  Average seasonal snowfall for our area is 43.5 inches.  During the winter of 2014-2015, the area set a record of 110.6 inches.*

Storms can vary in severity from a dusting to more than a foot, and can quickly change from rain to snow, or vice versa.  We are also faced with the potential for coastal flooding depending on the severity of a storm, wind direction, tides, and other factors.  This all means that while we are a small town, the severity of snow and road conditions can vary not only from storm to storm, but also depending on which part of town you live in.

It takes some effort to maintain your lifestyle with this kind of weather, so it is very important to be prepared.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the information contained on this page as well as the pages in the links to the left. Get the resources, supplies, and information you need before the snow flies.  Above all else, please remain safe over the course of the winter.

Public Announcements
Public annnouncements including "Snow Emergency/Parking Ban" are posted on the Town of Winthrop's official website and social media accounts as well as the following radio and television stations:

Cable television customers may visit the following channels for additional information:

Please note that while the information is made available to media outlets, the town has no control over when the information appears on each station.

Information about school closings and delays is available on the School Department's website at

Residents are also encouraged to sign up for the Code Red emergency call system, and subscribe to news from the website.

  • To sign up for Code Red, click here
  • To subscribe to news and alerts, click here.  Be sure "Town News & Announcements" is checked to be notified when a parking ban is implemented or lifted.

Online Information Resources

Town of Winthrop Homepage
School Department Homepage
Town of Winthrop on Facebook
Town of Winthrop on Twitter
Winthrop Police Department on Facebook
Winthrop Town Clerk on Facebook
Winthrop Public Schools on Facebook


*Snowfall totals measured at Boston Logan Airport