Winthrop Ferry FAQs


What’s going on with the Ferry?
One of the engines overheated and was beyond repair.  The old engine is in the process of being removed and a new engine is currently being installed. 

When will the Ferry be running?
The new engine installation is estimated to be completed within 2 weeks.  Once the engine is installed, the US Coast Guard must come out for a vessel safety inspection before it can go back into operation. 

How do I get a refund for pre-purchased tickets?
Any ticket purchased will automatically be credited.  All tickets are purchased through a third party ticketing vendor.  Credits to your account can take a few days to show up on your account.   The original ticket sale has to be processed and funds are released to the town.  The town has to wait to receive the funds before a credit can be processed.  If you do not see a credit for a pre-purchased ticket, please call (617) 846-1852 ext. 1011.

I purchased tickets on Groupon?   What should I do?
The town does not receive any funds or notifications from Groupon when vouchers are purchased, only upon redemption.  You must contact Groupon directly to request any refund or expiration date changes. 

How can I stay up to date on Ferry announcements? 

Sign up for the Town Manager’s Weekly Blog at

Visit the of Winthrop Ferry website at


Twitter @townofwinthrop

Still have questions or need more information?
Contact the Town Manager’s office directly at (617) 846-1705 or email:

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