Department Functions

The functions of the Accounting Office are as follows:

Accounting and Auditing

  • Maintains a complete set of financial records for all town accounts, appropriations, debts, and contracts; maintains a general ledger and journal for the recording of all transactions. Has full audit responsibility for all town department receipts and expenditures; audits Treasurer's cash and assists in outside audit.
  • Monitors expenditures of all town funds; examines all vouchers, department bills and payrolls for appropriateness of expenditure and for accuracy and availability of funds before payment by Treasurer; reconciles Treasurer's cash balance with General Ledger cash balance; reconciles cash balances of all Trust Funds; oversees preparation of weekly warrants for payrolls and accounts payable for review by the Administrator.
  • Oversees and participates in the posting of weekly warrants in ledger; posts cash receipts in ledger as received and monthly entries in journal. Assists other town officials in monitoring the town's financial condition; notifies departments of expenditures and account balances on monthly basis; makes recommendations to improve financial condition.
  • Compiles and submits required state and federal reports during and at close of fiscal year; prepares annual balance sheet and breakdown of cash receipts; prepares annual reports for town report. Answers questions from departments, Board of Selectmen and general public regarding town finances and/or accounting procedures.


  • Prepares expenditure estimates and provides detailed revenue estimates, finalizes Finance Committee's recommended budget and prepares monthly expenditure reports.


  • Interprets and administers labor contracts and Personnel Rules & Regulations (covering nonbargaining employees). Coordinates industrial accident reports, Injured on Duty Reports, affirmative action and equal opportunity reports.


  • Oversees the daily administration of property, liability and workmen's compensation insurance. Files all necessary claims forms and coordinates receipt of benefits. Works closely with loss control personnel to reduce or eliminate risks.