Parking rules at the Public Landing

The Winthrop Public Landing is a designated state/ DCR boat launch facility that is managed by the Town of Winthrop. Both DCR and the Town of Winthrop have regulations regarding parking at the landing.

For a map of parking areas at the Public Landing, click here.

Vehicles WITH Boat Trailers: Those using the boat ramp must pay a $5 recreational, or $50 commercial ramp usage fee first.This is not a parking fee. Parking for boat trailers is reserved in the center two parking rows of the lot marked "Trailer Parking Only". Vehicles with boat trailers parked in the lot without a ramp fee receipt displayed in the window are subject to a $25 fine per town ordinance 12.28.020.

Vehicles WITHOUT Trailers: All other vehicles without boat trailers should park along the perimeter of the lot. During slow boating times such as foul weather, off season, etc., cars may be allowed to park in trailer spots at the discretion of the Harbormaster.

Overnight Parking: The DCR has an 18 hour parking limit at the Landing. If you are going on an excursion or need to park longer than 18 hours, the harbormaster department can issue you a temporary Winthrop visitor parking pass for $10.00. The visitor parking pass allows for parking on Veterans Road only. Visitor permits can only be issued to non-resident visitors to the town.

Parking Citations: Any parking citation issued by the Harbormaster or the Winthrop Police can be appealed or paid by following the information at this link.
If you have received a parking citation from the DCR, they can be appealed at this link or paid at this link.