yirell beach

Winthrop is home to some beautiful beaches! The two largest and most popular beaches in town are Winthrop Beach and Yirell Beach. To learn more about Winthrop and Yirell Beach click the links below. Additionally, there are many other smaller, quieter beaches to enjoy such as Pico Beach, Halford Beach, and Donovan's Beach.

Visiting the beach by boat? Boaters must be aware of regulations regarding boats at beaches in Massachusetts. State Regulation CMR 323 2.07: 1-C prohibits the operation of any motorboat within 150 feet of any shoreline being used as a swimming area whether public or private. For swimmer safety, The Yirell Beach swimming area is marked with white buoys. Motor propelled vessels are not permitted between the white buoys and the shore at any time. Additionally, operation from 150 feet to 300 feet of the beach must be at headway speed only. The Winthrop Harbormaster Department strictly enforces these regulations to ensure the safety of those enjoying our beaches.


  • Winthrop Beach (DCR Winthrop Shore Reservation) - Located along Winthrop Shore Drive in Winthrop.
  • Yirell Beach - Yirell Beach is located on Shirley Street in the Point Shirley neighborhood of Winthrop.
  • Short Beach (DCR Winthrop Shore Reservation) - A part of the DCR Winthrop Shore Reservation, Short Beach is located on Revere Street on the Winthrop/ Revere border.
  • Donovan's Beach - Located on Pleasant Street at the intersection of Brookfield Road in Winthrop.
  • Pico Beach - Pico Beach is accessable from Pico Ave. in Winthrop.
  • Halford Beach - Halford Beach is located at the corner of Nahant and Sewall Streets in Winthrop.