Boat Launch

Boat Launch

The boat ramp is located at the Winthrop Town Landing, 707 Shirley Street, Winthrop, MA 02152. Use of the ramp is open to the public for a fee. Recreational boaters pay $5, and commercial haulers pay $50. Fees are paid at an automated kiosk located in front of the harbormaster's office. Upon making a payment, the kiosk issues a receipt which must be placed on the dashboard of your vehicle while parked at the Landing. This fee is for use of the ramp and not for parking. Additionally, season ramp passes are available through the harbormaster's office for $60.

VIOLATIONS: Town bylaw 12.28.020 Failure to pay launch fee provides a $25 fine issued to the registered owner of the vehicle to which the trailer is attached.

Ramp fees are approved by the Massachusetts Office of Fishing & Boating Access

The kiosk accepts cash only, and does not give change.

Ramp FeesAmount
Boat launch/ haul (recreational)$5.00      (when launching there is no charge to come out same day)        
Boat launch/ haul (by commercial hauler)$50.00 
Season Launch Passes (recreational)


Season Launch Pass (commercial hauler)


Parking is free at the town landing. There are designated rows of spots for "trailer parking only" in the center of the lot. Those parking in the designated areas without a trailer are subject to ticketing and tow. Cars with-out trailers should park in the perimeter spaces around the lot. In accordance with DCR regulations, there is an 18 hour limit for parking at the landing. Note: Fees apply to use of the boat ramp and not parking. For more parking information, click here.

Loading & Unloading of Passengers
Those using the boat ramp may tie up temporarily to the adjacent dock. Please observe a 15 minute limit while tied up to allow other boaters to use the facility.
Notice: Swimming and fishing off the dock adjacent to the boat launch is strictly prohibited and enforced.

Excursions/ Charters/ Shuttle Pick-ups & Drop-offs
Excursions, Charters, and Shuttles wishing to pick up or drop off at the Winthrop Town Landing must obtain prior approval by contacting the harbormaster office via vhf ch. 06 or calling (617) 207-9092. There is a fee of $1.50 per foot for such pick-ups and drop-offs.