Know the Harbor

Below is a rough chart of Winthrop Harbor indicating hazards, no wake zones, mooring fields, clubs, beaches, Logan airport security zone, and other pertinent places and info. See below for explination of   areas.

Note: This is not an official chart and should not be used for navigation. Always reference an official chart of the area you are transiting.


No Wake Zone: Vessels transiting the no wake zone and mooring fields must operate at a speed that does not create a wake or wash. This applies to jet skiis as well.

Mooring Areas: The town's mooring areas are the only areas designated for mooring placement in the town of Winthrop. No mooring shall be placed in any other location without the permission of the Harbormaster. Mooring fields are also no wake zones.

Airport Security Zone: The airport security zones are marked by white buoys along the shore of the airport which read "Restricted Area". no persons or boats are allowed in these areas at any time.

Red Danger Areas: These areas are cause for concern comprised with the local knowledge of harbormaster staff. This is not an official chart.