Pump-Out Service

Until around May 2022, the pump out boat will be out of service for the season.

The Winthrop Harbormaster Department offers free pump-out services to all recreational boaters in Winthrop Harbor. The department manages a self serve pump-out station at the Winthrop Town Landing and a pump-out boat.

To reach the pump-out boat:
Call (617) 207-9092 or hail "Winthrop Pumpout" on VHF Ch. 06. Please DO NOT hail for pumpouts on VHF 16.

Self Serve Pump-out Station
The self serve station is located at the bottom of the gangway in the marina at the Winthrop Public Landing. Those wishing to dock and pump-out should contact the harbormaster office before. It is best to dock on the outside of the marina (between the marina and the main pier). The pump-out hose and fittings are inside the white dockbox and the on/ off switch is directly across the dock. Please be courteous when docking and using the pump-out station as there are marina members who rent slips in the marina for the season. Contact the Harbormaster office if assistance is needed using this system. Please note the entire marina is video recorded.

Pump-out Boat
The pump-out boat is available upon request during it's operational hours of 10am to 2pm daily. The pump-out boat will come to any Winthrop yacht club, marina or mooring. Boats not docked or on a mooring can not be pumped out. When requesting a pump-out, the boat owner or their representitive must be on board at the time of service. The pump-out hose and fitting must be attached to the waste nozzle by the boat owner or their representive. The pump-out boat operator will supply you with the hose and fitting. During busy times, a list of boats may be established and there may be a wait for service depending on demand.

For a complete listing of all pump-out stations in Massachusetts please visit: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/boat-pumpout-facilities