Apply for Your 2023 Parking Permit Online

Yellow 2022 Permits Expire on Saturday, 12/31.
Sample 2023 Parking Permit
Sample 2023 Parking Permit

Applications for 2023 Resident Parking Permits are now being accepted.  Motorists are reminded that a valid resident parking permit or visitor placard is required to park on all town streets and lots between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM every day.

Yellow 2022 permits expire on Saturday, 12/31.

There is a $5.00 fee for a parking permit and a fee of $10.00 for a visitor's placard whether you apply online or by mail.  These fees are waived for senior citizens, or residents with a valid handicapped parking placard or plate issued by the RMV.  Please remember, if you pay for your order by e-check, the order will not be mailed until that check clears.

In-Person applications are no longer accepted except under special circumstances by appointment.  All applications are only accepted online or by mail.

To apply for your parking permit or visitor placard online, to download an application to apply by mail, or to determine permit eligibility, please click here.

Motorists must remove expired stickers prior to affixing the new 2023 sticker.  Resident parking stickers must be affixed to the lower, driver's side corner of the windshield.  Failure to affix them to the window in this location may result in a parking ticket being issued.

City Hall systems is the Town's vendor for parking permit fulfillment.  If there is an issue with your order, you will receive an email from City Hall Systems.  Please do not disregard this email.  Doing so will delay fulfillment of your order.

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