Construction Updates

Center Business District AND Route 1

Center Business District   

09/08 - Crew will complete main connection on Bellevue Ave.
09/09 - Crew will complete 1 of the 2 remaining Services on Adams Street.
09/11 - Crew will complete the final service on Adams Street.
09/12 - Crew will dig out main connection hole on Somerset Ave and install road plates.
09/13 - Crew will complete main connection on Somerset Ave remove road plates, backfill and pave.
09/14 - Crew will dig out final main connection on Pleasant St and install road plates.
09/15 - Crew will complete final main connection on Pleasant St.
09/16 - Crew will dig out and prep purge points on Cottage Park, Adams St, Somerset Ave.
09/18 - The remaining purge points on Bartlett Rd, Woodside Ave and Pleasant St will be dug and prep.
09/19 - The old main will be purged out of residual gas.
09/20 - purge holes to be backfilled and paved.
09/21 - Purge holes to be backfilled and paved.
09/22 - Final inspections, clean up and patch repair if required, project will be completed.

Route 1 Traffic updates

MassDOT: Malden/Revere – Rt. 1 North and South 

9/22/2017 – 9/29/2017

Weekend overnight detours on a section of Route 1 north and south

MassDOT has announced that Route 1 north and southbound in Malden/ Revere between Lynn Street and Route 60 (Squire Road) will be closed to traffic during upcoming overnight weekend hours from Friday, September 22, through Sunday, 10/29.

The closures and detour routes will be in place to guide drivers during the following times on these weekends:

Route 1 southbound: 11 p.m., Friday, through 7 a.m., Saturday.

Route 1 north and southbound:  11 p.m., Saturday, through 8 a.m., Sunday.

These traffic impacts are necessary in order to allow work crews to safely and effectively conduct deck repairs on the bridge that carries Route 1 over the Northern Strand Trail. 

The detour routes are as follows:

Drivers on Route 1 south will exit at Lynn Street, and then turn left onto Salem Street, right onto Lynn Street, left onto Wesley Street, left onto Beach Street/Squire Road (Route 60) and proceed to Copeland Circle where vehicles can rejoin Route 1.

Drivers on Route 1 north will exit at Route 60 (Squire Road) at Copeland Circle and proceed west, turn right onto Wesley Street, right onto Lynn Street, and left onto Salem Street where vehicles can rejoin Route 1.

Proper signage, variable message boards and police detail officers will be in place throughout the detour routes. Drivers are encouraged to make informed decisions before heading out onto the roadways. Those traveling through the area should expect delays, reduce speed, and use caution.

These operations are weather dependent and subject to change without notice