Town of Winthrop Solid Waste and Recycling Update

With the delivery of our new blue trash barrels, many residents have questions regarding the pending changes in our trash and recycling collection services.  The Interim Town Manager, The Director of Public Works, and The Zero Waste Committee, are diligently finalizing the new ordinances and regulations. Once completed, the ordinances will be presented to the Town Council. The Town Council will forward them to the Rules and Ordinances Committee. The Rules and Ordinances Committee will review, make suggestions, and then return them to the Town Council for a council vote.  This process will take time.  The goal of the Town is to reduce our overall trash tonnage.

This initiative will require thoughtful adherence to recycling guidelines, dedication to personally reducing household solid waste by every means possible, including vendors like Black Earth, to remove the tons of food waste from our trash stream. The per unit trash fee of $160.00 is necessary to supplement the $1.26 million the Town has budgeted to continue providing weekly curbside pick-up of trash and recycling for residences of three units and under.  Bills for the fee will not be sent out until the fall.

Once a comprehensive plan is in place, the impending changes will not occur without adequate time for all residents to be informed of the new regulations. Until then, please continue to follow the current schedule and regulations for pick-up. Use the blue barrel with the blue lid, provided by the town and your personal covered barrel for any additional trash. It is suggested to put your address and unit number on your blue barrel.

Recycling bins, the blue barrel with the yellow lid, is for recycling only.  No plastic bags full of trash, containers with any food residue, metal pots and pans, Styrofoam, take-out containers, meat packages, bottoms of pizza boxes with cheese and grease, or diapers. No free-floating plastic bags in the recycling cart, that includes supermarket bags, bread bags, chip bags, or plastic film that comes wrapped around bottled water. No six pack plastic rings, or things like hoses, wires, chains, electronics' wires, or plastic strapping.   Recyclables need to be clean and dry and placed in the recycling bin free-floating. Contaminated recycling bins will not be collected as of July1, 2021.

Informational and educational resources are forthcoming.

Let us all continue to rethink and reimagine ways to reduce our solid waste. Reduce, repair, repurpose, re-earth, recycle and refuse are seven common ways to achieve less in our landfills.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call The Department of Public Works, 617-846-1341.