Don't Be a Victim of Walmart Gift Card Scams

Legitimate companies will never ask you to pay with a Walmart gift  card or any other types of gift cards.

You are right to be suspicious if you receive a call or email from someone stating they are with a company or with a relative in trouble and ask you to for money via a gift card. 

There are new scams every year to steal your money and personal information. Crooks may impersonate the IRS, a utility company, a computer company, or a relative in need.  Sometimes they even threaten to have you arrested unless you send cash through a prepaid gift card or wire transfer.

They may manipulate the caller ID to look like they’re calling from the IRS, the police department, a utility company, or relative and may already have some information about you – such as the last four digits of your Social Security number or the names of family members.

Never send payment to these callers through a gift card and always confirm who they state they are by hanging up and calling their officially listed phone number. If still in doubt, contact the Winthrop Police Department.