Winthrop Police Department Charges Woman With Civil Rights Violation

Chief Terence M. Delehanty reports that the Winthrop Police Department arrested a woman for a Civil Rights Violation after a violent act of hate and vandalism that occurred over the weekend. 

ANGELA FOLEY, AGE 43, of WINTHROP, was arrested and charged with: 

Civil Rights Violation

Malicious Destruction of Property Over $1,200

Malicious Destruction of Property Under $1,200

On Saturday, Sept. 17 at approximately 6:50 a.m. Winthrop Police Department received reports that a woman, later identified as FOLEY, was yelling racial obscenities and vandalized a resident's vehicle in the area of Beach Road and Shore Drive.

An on-scene investigation determined that the suspect, FOLEY, smashed several neighbors’ windows, vandalized a motor vehicle and yelled racial obscenities in full view of several neighbors.
FOLEY was located at the scene and arrested. 

"The hateful language used by this defendant as she committed several offenses in front of neighbors was inexcusable. Hate speech is not always illegal in our country, but it is always unwelcome in the Town of Winthrop," said Chief Delehanty. "Incidents like this demand a response, and these types of incidents and hatred are part of the reason the Winthrop Police Department has a dedicated Civil Rights Officer. We must respond to these incidents and make it clear that this kind of hatred is not acceptable to our community."

"On behalf of the Town of Winthrop, I condemn these acts of hate," Town Manager Marino said. "I ask all of Winthrop to join me in rejecting hate and doing everything in our power to ensure we are a welcoming, caring community that is not afraid to speak up along with our neighbors in the face of hatred. 

"I would like to join Town Manager Marino and Chief Delehanty in making it abundantly clear that the Town of Winthrop rejects hatred in all of it's forms," said Town Council President James Letterie. "Our thoughts are with those who were targeted by these awful acts, and I pledge the Town of Winthrop will always do everything possible to combat hatred and to offer our hearts and assistance to all who face it."

FOLEY was held on $500 cash bail over the weekend, and was arraigned Monday in East Boston District Court. 

These are all allegations. All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.