Description of Services


The IT Department is tasked with primary responsibility for technology that will sustain, enhance, and extend the delivery of high quality, customer-focused service while maintaining and supporting a reliable, efficient and stable networked communication and data infrastructure, a secure data communication and telecommunications network. Its staff supports approximately 100 employees from 16 departments.

The IT Department maintains the integrity of data on the following software applications/DBMS (Database Management Systems):

  • SoftRight– Financial Software;
  • Vision – RE Appraisal Software Package;
  • RRC – Personal Proproperty Software;
  • MBS – Cemetery Software;
  • EJ Ward Fuel Management System – DPW Fueling Management System;
  • Access DB: Non-Criminal Database – Tracks ordinance violations;
  • Access DB: Nurse Records Database;
  • VTH – Official town website;
  • Harpers – payroll system;
  • MES Command Center – Parking Ticket database, and 

Other applications which the MIS Department assist on support and maintaining as well as advise on:

  • IMC (Police & Fire);
  • CodeRED (Fire) – Automated Phone Notification System; and
  • Activu (EOC).