Appeal to a Non-Criminal Citation

Winthrop Hearing Request Procedures

All violations must be paid or appealed within 21 days of issue.  Any appeal after 21 days from the date the violation was issued are held solely at the discretion of the hearing officer and may not be granted.  All appeals must be submitted in writing.  All hearings for non-criminal citations are held in person.  You will be given notice of when and where you need to appear for your hearing.

1. If you are requesting a hearing, follow these procedures:

a. You may fill out the online form below instead of submitting the request in person or via the mail.  If you need to send in additional supporting documents (maps, drawings, photos, etc) you may send them in a separate email and reference the violation number you have appealed.

b. To appeal by mail, make a copy of the notice, mail with your written appeal to:

Town of Winthrop
Municipal Hearing Officer
One Metcalf Square
Winthrop, MA 02152

2. Your written appeal should state your case clearly and concisely as to why you believe that you should not be held accountable to pay the violation(s) in dispute.  Include any maps, drawings or photographs to support your case.

3. You will not be charged any late fees during the appeal process.  The hearing officer will remove any late fees that are incorrectly applied when a decision is made.  Tickets not appealed within the 21 day time period will not have the late fees removed.

DO NOT file multiple appeals for the same ticket.  This will only delay the overall appeal process.

After your scheduled hearing a decision is made, and you will be notified by mail to the address provided on the appeal.

Failure to include all information requested may result in a delay in processing or denial of your appeal. All Appeals MUST include all requested information. You must also include a reason for your appeal. Check your appeal to make sure the information is filled in correctly before clicking "Send"


Submitting duplicate appeals for the same ticket may delay the scheduling of your hearing.

What type of citation are you appealing?
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If the Citation was issued for a Restraint of Dog(s) violation, check the section(s) indicated on the citation.
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