Non-Criminal Enforcement

If you have received a Non-Criminal Notice of Violation of a Town Ordianance or Regulation, you have the following alternatives in this matter:

Either option (1) or option (2) will operate as a final disposition, with no resulting criminal record.

(1) You may choose to pay the fine, either by appearing in person or through duly authorized agent, or by mailing a check, money order, or postal note payable to the TOWN OF WINTHROP, WITHIN 21 DAYS OF THE DATE OF NOTICE OF VIOLATION OF A TOWN ORDINANCE OR REGULATION to:

Town of Winthrop
Enforcement Clerk
1 Metcalf Sqaure
Winthrop, MA  02152

(2) If you desire to contest this matter, you may do so by making a written request for a non-criminal hearing, and enclosing a copy of your citation, WITHIN 21 DAYS OF NOTICE OF VIOLATION OF A TOWN ORDINANCE OR REGULATION to:

Town of Winthrop
Municipal Hearing Officer
1 Metcalf Square
Winthrop, MA 02152

(3) If you fail to pay the fine or request a hearing within 21 days, or if you fail to appear for your hearing or to pay any fine determined at the hearing to be due, a criminal complaint may be issued against you or, any remaining unpaid fine for a citation issued in accordance with MGL Ch. 40U, will be applied as a lien aganst the property tax bill.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Michael Diluiso Municipal Hearing Officer