When will I hear from the Parking Hearing Officer regarding my submitted appeal and what could be the findings or outcomes of my appeal request?

You will be notified via first class mail once a decision has been made.  Appeals not submitted within 21 days (DATE and TIME STAMP or POSTMARK by USPS) of the date the ticket was issued will not be entertained.  During the review process, you may be granted the appeal based on the documentation provided, you may be asked to provide more documentation for a further review of your appeal, you may be denied which a detailed letter explaining why you were denied will be sent to you, or you may be called in for an in-person hearing, where you or your representative will have to appear.

It generally takes 30-45 days for an appeal decision to be reached, but may take longer in some cases due to appeal volume, or research into the specific issue.  Once an appeal is received, the ticket is placed on "hold" status.  This status means the ticket does not accrue late fees or count against the motorist in any way until the appeal decision is reached.  However, if the appeal is not received within 21 days, a late fee may be applied automaticaly by the computer system, even though the apeal was postmarked within 21 days.  If this is the case, any incorrectly applied late fees will be waived.