Permit Fees

Effective March 3, 2015, the fees for resident permits are:

Resident Parking Sticker (online)$0.00
Resident Parking Sticker (by mail or in person)$5.00
Visitor Placard$10.00
Temporary Placard (Treasurer Issued)$5.00
Temporary Placard (Police Issued)$0.00
Temporary Placard (Harbormaster Issued)$10.00
Special Consideration Placard (Police Issued)$0.00
  • There is no charge for a resident sticker, visitor placard, or temporary placard for residents age 65 or older or to residents who have been issued a valid handicapped placard or plate by the Massachusetts RMV.
  • The fee for a Resident Parking Sticker or Visitor Placard will be half of the fee listed if the application is filed between October 1 and December 1.  Applicants will need to reapply for the next year's sticker at the full fee.
  • There will be no charge for a Resident Parking Sticker if the applicant previously paid for and received a temporary placard as a new resident, and the temporary placard is returned, prior to expiration, with the sticker application.

Sticker and Permit Fees under 10.48.100 (PDF)