Resident Parking Stickers


To qualify for a resident parking sticker, you must be a resident of Winthrop.  Payment of all fees, fines, parking tickets and taxes, including excise tax, owed to the Town must be up to date.  Vehicles with commercial plates do not qualify for resident parking stickers.  Repair plates, dealer plates, taxis and liveries are considered to be commercial vehicles.  Buses and campers over 25 feet in length are also excluded.

leased vehicle’s registration must indicate that the vehicle is registered in Massachusetts and principally garaged in Winthrop.

A company vehicle's registration must indicate that the vehicle is registered in Massachusetts and principally garaged in Winthrop.


If you are planning an event and are expecting more overnight parking than is permitted by your visitor permit, you may request consideration.  Consideration simply means that the resident parking restriction will not be enforced on the night of your event.  Consideration requests must be submitted in writing, either by letter, online or fax.  Requests must include the applicant’s name, telephone number, reason for the request, location, dates, and registration numbers for those vehicles for which you are asking consideration.

Consideration requests must be submitted to the Police Department at least one full business day prior to the dates of consideration and must be approved by the Chief of Police.

Consideration only applies to a waiver of the resident parking sticker.  All other restrictions will continue to be enforced.

Display of Your Resident Parking Sticker

Resident parking stickers must be displayed in the lower corner of the vehcicle's windsheild on the driver's side.  Motorcycles must display a sticker in the same area of the windshield if equippped, or on the left, front fork if not equipped with a windshield.  Expired resident parking stickers MUST be removed prior to affizing your new sticker.  Failure to properly display your resident parking sticker may result in a ticket being issued.

How to Obtain Your Resident Parking Sticker

In order to apply for a Resident Parking Sticker and/or Visitor Permit, fill out the application and follow the directions on the reverse side.  If you are a new resident, your insurance company should change the “principal place of garaging” to Winthrop and make sure the change is reflecet in RMV records.  Eligibility is determined based on the RMV records, not based on a vehicle's insurance policy.  Apply early!  Please note:  2020 permits will be mailed the first week in December for applications received online in advance.

Enforcement of residential parking regulations commenced town wide on July 1, 2005.

  • Apply for 2020 resident parking permits online.  There is no permit fee if you apply online, but the fee for a visitor placard will still apply.  .
  • Apply for 2020 resident parking permits by mail with this downloadable application for in-person and mail-in applications.  When applying by mail or in-person, there is a $5.00 fee per permit as well as the fee for one visitor placard per houshold if desired.  Applications by mail must also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Special Consideration Request Form

For Special Considerations, you must put your request in writing and submit it to the Chief of Police for his review.  There is no downloadable form for a Special Consideration.  Click here to submit your request on-line.