Interested in Composting?

Full Circle Sustainability

Contact Black Earth to join others in town who pay to participate in composting.  Visit to register for weekly curbside pickup. If you have questions about Black Earth services, please call 978-290-4610.


Turn Spoils to Soil

1. Choose a Starter Kit. We offer two sizes of curbside bins, a 13 gallon bin with locking lid and wheels (recommended) or a 4 gallon apartment size bin. Each comes with bin liners. When you sign up, your starter kit will be delivered to your household or will be available for pick up at a volunteer’s house, depending on your town. 13 gal bin dimensions 13" w x 13" l x 27" h. 4 gal bin dimensions 10" w x 13.5" h. (Bin options vary per town. Some municipalities offer free bins.)

2. Line your bin or countertop container.  This is required to ensure the bins can be fully emptied. A double lined paper grocery bag works well or you can use BPI, CMA or OK Compost certified compostable bag liners. The drier the contents in the bin, the easier the bins empty, especially in winter and summer. Dry contents reduces odor and flies. See more tips for maintaining your bin. Compostable bag liners for outdoor bins and countertop containers are available for purchase through your customer login and will be dropped off at your next pickup.

3. Fill up your bin. We accept all foods including meat, bones, dairy, shells, paper towels, napkins and certified compostable service ware. We accept BPI, CMA, or OK Compost/TUV certification only. Read more about certifications here. No waxed cardboard, milk cartons, soda cups, dryer lint, or cleaning chemicals on paper towels are allowed. Here's the full list of what's compostable. Max weight limit per bin 40lbs.  

4. Put your bin out for pick up. Please make sure your bin is on the sidewalk, and not blocked by obstacles like other garbage bins, trees, etc.  In addition to compost, we also pick up yard waste, textiles, and event waste in a separate bag with a Black Earth Compost Sticker.  Learn more about our Yard Waste, Event Waste, and Textile Recycling Sticker Collection program. 

5. Smile. You most likely will not have to put your regular trash out as often. You are making good use of your food scraps and helping the environment. While you are smiling, we're mixing, turning, and screening the organic waste to create a well balanced, nutrient rich compost.  Learn more about our compost process.

6. Receive finished compost in the Spring. Replenish your own soil with community sourced compost, rich in humus, micro-organisms, and an abundance of immediate and slow release nutrients, or donate your portion to the Backyard Growers. In early Spring we'll mail you a voucher for one cubic foot bag of compost redeemable at participating Garden Centers (excl. Manchester-by-the-sea, Groton and Ipswich).

7. Manage your subscription with your online account. With your customer login you have access to personal tools and town specific information.