Public Records Policy

Public Records Request Policy Town of Winthrop

All Town Departments shall comply with the new Public Records Law and regulations as set forth by the Secretary of State (950 CMR 32.00).

How to Request a Public Record

Public records requests can be made in person orally or in writing to any office, although requesters are strongly encouraged to email Records Access Officer Carla Vitale at A automatic response will be sent from Next Request - this is the way to track and obtain your information.
Requests shall include a reasonable description of the requested record.
Written requests may be delivered to the business address, in person, by mail, fax or email.

The  Records Access Officer (RAO) may suggest a reasonable modification of scope of the
request if doing so would produce records more efficiently and more affordably.

Submitting the Online Public Request Form sends your request by email to the RAO and
provides you with a confirmation that your request was submitted. The link to access our online portal is

The RAO  will send your request to the appropriate department or committee
You will receive confirmation of receipt by email with a Request Number for tracking purposes

If you prefer to submit a request by mail or in person, a form can be completed, printed and submitted by mail, email, fax or in person.

Response to Requests
The RAO, if applicable, shall provide a written response within 10 business days following the receipt of request.
The RAO may request a reasonable extension and shall identify a reasonable timeframe in that exemption, if the requestor agrees.

If a denial is in order the RAO must provide written notice to requestor within ten business days of receipt of request.

A RAO may assess a reasonable fee for the production of a public record unless that record is readily available for public inspection.
Estimated fees shall be itemized in writing.
A RAO may delay records until all fees are received.

Shall be made to the Supervisor of Records within 90 calendar days of the date of response.
The Supervisor shall issue a written determination within 10 business days.
The Supervisor may conduct a hearing to determine decision.


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