2005 Boston-Logan International Airport Environmental Data Report, EOEA #3247 (Massport - December 2006)

DATE:    December 15, 2006
CC:    Town of Winthrop
RE:    Logan Airport 2005 Environmental Data Report (2005 EDR) - EOEA #3247

On behalf of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), I am pleased to submit to the Town of Winthrop, the Boston-Logan International Airport 2005 Environmental Data Report (2005 EDR).  This 2005 EDR marks the beginning of a new five-year cycle of Logan Airport EDRs and an Environmental Status and Planning Report (ESPR).

As described in the 2005 EDR, aircraft operations and air passenger traffic at Logan Airport continued to rebound after the events of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent recession, but remained below the historic peak year level that was reached in 2000.  Traffic volumes on airport roadways increased by 5.8 percent in 2005 compared to 2004, due in part to an increase in air passengers.  However, for a variety of reasons, the airlines are today operating much more efficiently and flying more passengers with fewer aircraft, resulting in reduced air quality and noise impacts.  For example, as a result of improved efficiencies of aircraft, motor vehicle, and ground service equipment engines, emissions of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides decreased in 2005 compared to 2004.  Noise benefits also occurred, with the number of people exposed to Day-Night Sound Level (DNL) values greater than 65 decibels (dB) decreasing in 2005 compared to 2004.  Chapter 9, Project Mitigation Tracking outlines Massport's strategies to avoid, minimize, and mitigate current and projected environmental impacts.

Content and Structure

The 2005 EDR responds fully to the Certificate on the Boston-Logan International Airport 2004  ESPR and reports on the status of airport operations, environmental conditions, and Massport milestones achieved in 2005.  The document(s) incorporates comments made on the 2004 ESPR and consists of one volume reporting on the following:

  • Highlights for 2005, including an overview of sustainability initiatives at Logan Airport;
  • Passenger levels, aircraft operations, and cargo volumes for 2005;
  •  Planning, design and construction activities at Logan Airport in 2005;
  • Regional transportation in 2005;
  • 2005 conditions for the key environmental indicators (Ground Transportation, Noise Abatement, Air Quality/Emissions Reduction, and Water Quality/Environmental Compliance);
  • Mitigation update for Logan Airport projects;
  • The Certificate on the Boston-Logan International Airport 2004 ESPR and other comment letters received on the 2004 ESPR;
  • Individual responses to comments received on the 2004 ESPR;
  • Proposed scope for the 2006 EDR;
  • Distribution list; and
  • Supporting technical appendices.

Future Filings

Massport is proceeding with a five-year filing cycle in going forward with the EDRs and ESPRs, as follows:

  • 2005 Environmental Data Report filed in 2006;
  • 2006 Environmental Data Report to be filed in 2007;
  • 2007 Environmental Data Report to be filed in 2008;
  • 2008 Environmental Data Report to be filed in 2009;
  • 2009 Environmental Status and Planning Report to be filed in 2010.

Stewart Dalzell,
Deputy Director, Economic Planning and Development
Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
One Harborside Drive, Suite 200S
East Boston, MA  02128-2909

Telephone:  617/428-2800
Massport Website

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